AKSA BUMI LANGIT using the power of film, art, and idea to inspire people to collaborate to make a better world.


AKSA BUMI LANGIT is an independent film production house that aims to build a healthy ecosystem in the film industry, community development, to educate and inspire people through films and to give appreciations to other filmmakers for each individuality and to make film as a tool to better and develop human character.


Film is one of many ways to change the mindset of an individual. As of now, film, in its function, is not only as entertainment but also full of meanings as a cultural narrative.

Indonesia has a rich resources in nature with various cultures where all the people live with integrity due to live in diversity. Adventure, social and livelihood become the main issues for Indonesia that is important to be delivered in a cultural narrative.

Film can also be used as a tool to keep the economy of a nation. Developed countries have been making films as the avant garde to keep the economy because film is considered the most complete art with all aspects of art present.

Film is an IDENTITY

AKSA BUMI LANGIT deliver an idea to create a product which put forward the identity of a nation character through film and its ecosystem. We can move people, inspire them through film. All these correlations are done so that the people can dream big. Our vision is to make a better world where people do good to nature and to one another.